AL10 Laser Belt Alignment

Laser Belt Alignment System

Quick and accurate solution for Belt Alignment



The new Laser Belt Alignment System AL10 uses two laser transmitters for the projection of a
two laser lines. The pulley groves are used as a reference. These generated lines
indicate the alignment of the transmission quickly and correctly.

Aligment process

The two laser units generate a line on the opposite unit. When the pulleys are correctly aligned, the lines coincide with the references centering on both units. The dual laser alignment provides greater precision and speed than single laser systems. If the belt transmission is misaligned, the line deviates from the center.


It is very important that the pulleys are mounted correctly on the shafts and that the shafts are straight before starting the alignment process. The oscillating or deformed sheaves severely influence the quality of the alignment. The types of misalignment are described below:

  • Angular misalignment
  • Parallel misalignment
Housing material Aluminum
Dimensions head units 61 x 77 x 61 mm
Weight 300 g/unit
Battery type 2x LR03 (AAA) 1,5V per unit
Operating time 20 hrs continuous operation
Measuring distance 50 mm – 6000 mm
Measuring accuracy better than 0.5 mm or 0.2 degrees
Pulley diameter range from 75 mm and larger (standard)
Pulley belt groove width 6 mm - 40 mm (standard)
Laser class 2 output power: <1 mW
Laser wavelength 600 - 650 nm

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