CEMB for the environment

CEMB’s commitment to environment and sustainable energy dates back to the 1990s, when it purchased the Pian dei Resinelli hydroelectric power plant.

Over the years, the production of energy from renewable sources has been further integrated with the installation of solar panels in all CEMB plants, leading in the last 3 years to the total production of 12,686 MWh.

All these efforts have led CEMB plants to use only 30% of the total green energy produced.



The strongly sustainability-oriented approach of CEMB is clearly visible in the commitment to energy production from renewable sources, including hydropower.

The clean energy produced by CEMB has led only in the last 3 years to a saving of 4,566 tons of CO2, equivalent to the annual emissions of 4,530 cars.

Only in 2020 CEMB produced clean energy for a total value of about 5,000,000 kWh, enough to give clean energy to more than 1000 houses, with a consumption of 1,027,137 Kwh.





CEMB’s commitment to reducing environmental impact also applies to the choice of sustainable raw materials. The polyethylene used in the production process of our products, for example, is completely reusable and can therefore be subsequently recycled as a second raw material, which can be processed again and thus generate new products.

The weight trays of CEMB balancers are also produced by rotational moulding. It is a “clean” technology, because it does not resort to the use of chemical solvents or other pollutants.





The continuous search for improvement is implemented all-round in every CEMB plant both through the production of sustainable energy, but also through the reduction of consumption. Some examples are the complete replacement of lamps with LED lamps, the insulation of the windows of all production halls, the installation of a compressor with the recovery of heat for the use of hot water, the installation of automatic roller conveyors for the connection between the warehouses, to eliminate the journeys of the vans.