Training center

The CEMB training center is an appropriate facility established to the Garage, Industrial and Vibration divisions to organize training sessions for customers, agents and technical personnel.
The training center includes a convention hall and conference rooms fully equipped for meetings with customers, agents and salesmen.
A show room houses the entire range of the Garage Division equipment. CEMB technical staff is also available for individual training courses for customers who require personalized sessions on vibration analysis and balancing machinery.


As usual, CEMB proposes a list of meeting sessions aimed towards setting-out real problems into practice. All training courses are held by highly experienced CEMB technical personnel.

Contact the appropriate commercial division (Garage, Industrial or Vibration) for calendar dates on training periods or to arrange specific visits or training requirements.


Vibration Technology – VIB1

Topic: the course will explain industrial machinery vibration measurements, basic vibration analysis and filed balancing.

Target: for maintenance technician, inspection personnel, quality control staff.

Vibration Technology – VIB2

Topic: the course will explain rotor dynamics through generally recognized advanced technique for vibration analysis and field balancing.

Target: for maintenance engineers, inspection personnel, quality control staff already familiar with standard methods.

Balancing Technology – EQ

Topic: the course will explore the theoretical concepts related with unbalance, balancing machines and balancing process, both for rigid and flexible rotors.

Target: for all technicians that need to be trained to the balancing concepts or want to improve their knowledge.