T6-R Rotation speed sensor

Rotation speed sensor


The transducer T6-R is used for performing the following measurements:

ROTATION SPEED of the machine, the measurement is made by mounting the transducer next to a gear wheel (polar wheel) with a known number of teeth.

Principle of operation

Transducer T6-R measures the variation in flow due to the variation of the air-gap.

Such variation generates an impulsive type signal which can be processed by the CEMB instrument of series “T”.


Type of measurement Electromagnetic induction
Range of measurement 0 to 30000 Hz
Coil resistance 85 ohm max.
Inductance 25 mH max.
Power supply None
Connection Connector MIL C-5015, series 3102/16, standard kit
Casing material Brass
Range of application Temperature = -35°C to +105°C
Humidity = max 100%
Ambient = IP65 EN60529/10.91
Vibrations = max.100 mm/s
Maintenance None

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