Video diagnostic wheel balancer for heavy vehicles

New video wheel balancing machine suitable for truck, bus and car wheels up to 200 kg. The innovative solution of the spindle shaft that lowers, guarantees a safer and easier centring even with large wheels. The measurement of radial and lateral run-out with the Sonar, combined with the modern and attractive design and the sturdy weight holder with optimized spaces, make the C350 the most complete solution in its category.


Lifting Spindle

Lifting Spindle: the spindle rises and lowers to facilitate wheel loading by the operator and guarantees a perfect centring with minimum effort.

Wheel, when raises, is already clamped on the spindle, in complete safety.

The sliding trolley, with a height of only 59 mm, allows a faster and easier loading of the wheel, without the need for dynamic handling.

LA Sonar with Laser Pointer

LA sonar device for automatic wheel width measurement without any contact.
and, with laser pointer, for measuring the lateral run-out of the tyre shoulder.

EMS Sonar

EMS sonar device for measuring the radial run-out of the tyre during the normal balancing cycle.

Laser Line

Laser line to facilitate the correct positioning of the adhesive counterweights in the 6 o’clock position, increasing the balancing accuracy.


HubMatch detects the unbalance as well as the highest point of the wheel (1st harmonics), and displays it on-screen to enable mounting of wheel on vehicle so that simply matching mechanical clearances when positioning the rim on the hub will eliminate the eccentricity.

Weight Tray

The sturdy rotational weight tray has been designed to make the most the available space. The differentiated compartments allow a simple housing of cones, clamp weights, adhesive weights, grippers etc…

Electromagnetic Brake

The electromagnetic brake for the lock of the wheel in the exact weight position facilitates the balancing procedure.

Automatic Gauge

Extended gauge for diameter and distance measurement of rims up to 32”.


The software, entirely developed by CEMB, is easy to use and supports SPLIT, OPT and ALU programs.

Industry 4.0 Kit (optional)

Industry 4.0 Kit allows a complete control of the workshop activity thanks to the possibility to plan the daily activity, by inserting the number of wheels, the start time of any activity and the machine that will be used to optimize the resources and eliminate waste of time.
Interconnected system based on an operator panel assembled on the machine and a PC software (Tyre Shop 4.0) developed specifically for CEMB.



Single phase power supply 230V/1ph/50 hz
Single phase power supply 115V/1ph/50 hz
Max. absorbed power 1,1 kW
Balancing speed 130 rpm car / 80 rpm truck
Measuring cycle for car/truck wheel 8 ÷ 20 s
Measurement uncertainty ± 0.5 g
Resolution 1 g car / 10 g truck
Average noise < 70 dB (A)
Rim width setting range 1.5" ÷ 20" / 40 ÷ 510 mm
Rim diameter setting range 10" ÷ 30" / 265 ÷ 765 mm
Min./Max. compressed air pressure 8 ÷ 12 kg/cm² / ~ 0.8 ÷ 1,2 MPa ~ 8 12 bar / 120 ÷ 165 psi
Max. wheel weight 200 kg
Max. wheel diameter 1380 mm
Machine weight 210 kg

Quick lock nut

Plastic lock nut with quick locking.




Width gauge

IV/V – GG – G40 cones kit

Kit made up of IV and V cones, G40 disc and GG ring to centre truck or bus wheels with a central hole of 202/221/281 mm Ø.

SR 215/2 Kit

Supplied with centring adaptor, 5 and 4 armed spiders, stud bolts and screws to centre wheels with 8 holes on 275/285.75 mm Ø and with 10 holes on 225/285.75/335 mm Ø.

Car adaptor kit

For wheels with a central hole of 45-194 mm Ø. Consists of 4 cones and G40 disc.

Industry 4.0 Kit

Industry 4.0 Kit allows an optimal planning of the work activity inside the workshop.
Interconnected system based on an operator panel assembled on the machine and a PC software (Tyre Shop 4.0) developed specifically for CEMB.

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