Industrial based machine for balancing wheels of truck and buses

The structural sturdiness, combined with the pneumatic locking of wheel and gaue with automatic entry of the wheel data, make the C202SE a very robust, reliable of fast machine. Due to its extremely reduced cycle time, it is the first choice of major OEM of truck ad tyres.

Unique features

C202SE has unique features with make it an idean machine for truck tire shops and industrial batch balancing (OEM) lines: the extended shaft diameter (⌀ 65mm), the pneumatic locking desined for heavy duty use and the braking system (end spin cycle) developed to handle large and heavy loads.

Pneumatic lift

Pedal operated ergonomic and fast pneumatic lift guarantees an optimal centering of wheel on flange.
User friendly: after lifting wheel in proximity of the shaft the operator can adjust wheel height using its own mass to manoeuvre relative handle-bar. The exact coupling between tyre and flange is thus obtained in an accurate and rapid manner.

EMS Sonar for radial eccentricity measurement (Run-Out)

Vibrations generated by radial eccentricity do not depend on wheel unbalacne. The EMS Sonar enables, in a single quick spin, to detect all causes of vibration by measuring wheel eccentricity with a 0,1 mm accuracy, to obtain an accurate diagnosis in a very short time frame.

Industry 4.0 kit (optional)

Industry 4.0 Kit allows a complete control of the workshop activity thanks to the possibility to plan the daily activity, by inserting the number of wheels, the start time of any activity and the machine that will be used to optimize the resources and eliminate waste of time.
Interconnected system based on an operator panel assembled on the machine and a PC software (Tyre Shop 4.0) developed specifically for CEMB.



Three-phase power supply 115 / 230 V 50 / 60 Hz
Max. absorbed power 0,8 kW
Balancing speed 70 rpm
Cycle time with 150 kg wheel (22.5”) < 20 s.
Measurement uncertainty ± 0,5 gr
Resolution 1 g for vehicle / 10 g for truck
Rim diameter 10” ÷ 28” or 265 ÷ 715 mm
Rim width 1,5” ÷ 20” or 40 ÷ 510 mm
Max. wheel diameter 1300 mm
Max. wheel weight 250 Kg
Gross weight 350 Kg
Packing dimensions 163x123x176 h cm

Flangia a coni C202SE2SE

C202SE Clamping spacer (L=116)
CONE I – Centering cone on rim hole (Ø 76-106 mm)
CONE II – Centering cone on rim hole (Ø 104-134 mm)
CONE III – Centering cone on rim hole (Ø 132-178 mm)
G/175 Disc spacer – To be used with Cone III cod. 940010101



CONO IV – Cono di centraggio su foro del cerchio (Ø 202 / 221mm) CONO V – Cono di centraggio su foro del cerchio (Ø 281 mm)
DISCO “GG” Disco distanziale da utilizzare con CONO IV cod. 940010035 e CONO V cod. 940010106
VTCEI M10X20 UNI 5931/ Rosetta piana F11X30/ Chiave esagonale maschio mm. 8 g

Industry 4.0 Kit

Industry 4.0 Kit allows an optimal planning of the work activity inside the workshop.
Interconnected system based on an operator panel assembled on the machine and a PC software (Tyre Shop 4.0) developed specifically for CEMB.

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