CEMB launches a revolutionary laser scanner for automatic reading of distance and diameter.

The new 3D Laser Scan, based on an advanced technology, is developed in-house, thanks to the highly experienced CEMB technical staff, dedicated to research and design. The sensors nowadays used in the balancers market are common scanners that are purchased used for the purpose. CEMB 3D Laser Scan has been specifically designed for the needs […]

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OE balancing solution in your workshop

The new Prime Factory Mode software comes from the experience of CEMB in the industrial field. If activated, Prime Factory Mode gives readings of the unbalance values refered to the external planes according to the methodology adopted by the car manufacturers,  saving time and counterweight. When can I be sure that the wheel is balanced? […]

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Where innovation meets simplicity

Enables to eliminate both static and dynamic unbalance with a single counterweight, indicating the exact position to apply the weight inside the rim. It is a known factor that the static unbalance is the major cause of vibrations perceived by drivers. Many wheel balancers are capable of indicating the pure static unbalance value, however they […]

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laser spotter


Perfect balancing in just one spin!

Greatest accuracy during the positioning of stick-on weights through laser spotter: perfect balancing in just one spin. Preview of the exact weight positioning spot visible already during the wheel dimensions acquisition phase. During the correction, the LASER SPOTTER pinpoints the exact position for stick-on weights application inside the rim. Thanks to the electric brake – […]

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Measuring in a blink!

Argos is the result of years of studies, field tests and highly advanced technology entirely developed within our company. CEMB has sent many objectives to its product development, focusing on the needs of the end user, granting unbeatable solutions in terms of simplicity and speed of use, valid for all vehicles and tyres. In only 5 seconds […]

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N-PRO Software

Professional Environment for N-Instruments software

N-Pro software can transfer all of the data recorded by the instrument and automatically file it by simply pressing a button. It can be displayed, processed, analyzed and employed to generate reports in PDF format or on paper at any time. The standard report forms supplied with the software are suitable for the most common […]

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