What if everythig were this easy?

Once again CEMB revolutionizes the world of balancing with the introduction of a new patented pending data input system. Thanks to the aid of Laser Spotter and a Laser line, 2-hit allows the input of dimensions by operating directly on the wheel, making the balancing process increasingly user-friendly. • Select the type of rim to […]

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The innovative integrated lift

With the new range of truck wheel balancers has been introduced the innovative integrated Lifting Spindle that allows the operator to work easily and safely even on large wheels. Wheels are loaded onto the spindle, which rises and lowers, when on the ground ensuring perfect centering with minimum effort while preventing the wheel from falling due to the […]

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The most complete range of car tyre changers entirely developed and produced by CEMB Group

CEMB is proud to present the new tyre changers range totally designed and manufactured internally that guarantees the quality of Made in Italy. The new range has been designed and developed to allow the operator to work easily on all types of wheel. All models are automatic and equipped with real tilting post that ensures […]

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The new fast and accurate measuring system for tyre condition check

To enlarge our offer in the field of inspection systems, we are developing the CEMB profiler, able to provide complete and immediate information on tyre conditions, conicity and tread depth. The profiler will be equipped with a software perfectly integrated with the one installed on Argos Drivethru that will ensure a perfect synergy between the […]

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CEMB support your activity towards technological evolution and optimisation of resources

CEMB has always been attentive to the latest technological innovations and now offers, on the entire range of tyre changers and medium/high wheel balancers range, the possibility to implement them with the Industry 4.0 Kit. This system is based on a technology consisting of an operator panel assembled on the machine and a PC software (Tyre Shop 4.0) […]

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Full alignment check in seconds

Imagine a full alignment check in seconds to all vehicles coming into the workshop…It is now possible and it’s called ARGOS DRIVETHRU: the brand-new inspection system that, positioned in the acceptance area of the workshop, detects in a few seconds all the incoming vehicles that show anomalies and need adjustments. The measurement is fully automatic, […]

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Automatic approach to the correction position

To facilitate and speed up the calibration procedure, CEMB has introduced the automatic approach to the correction position on all balancing machines equipped with electric brake that are not provided with automatic positioning system. Once the measuring launch is completed, the wheel automatically stops around 15° from the exact point of application of the counterweight, […]

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The new App for remote control of wheel alignment

CEMB Wheel Alignment, the new App developed by CEMB, supports the operation of 3D and CCD wheel alignment systems. The App enables the replication on your smartphone or tablet of the wheel alignment monitor, acting as remote control to operate on the machine software. The new functionality has been designed to give the operator the possibility to interact […]

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The new version 3D laser scanner for automatic reading of distance and diameter is now available for orders

CEMB is glad to inform you that starting from January 2020 a new version of 3D Laser Scan will be available. The new 3D Laser Scan takes up minimal space and, under equal conditions, it allows a better reading. Furthermore it features an increased brightness resulting in an enhanced visibility, a higher protection and an improved ease of cleaning. […]

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ADAS positioning system

CEMB ADAS CCD KIT allows positioning the CCD sensors on any ADAS/ACC calibration structure by means of universal adapters and, through a very quick and simple software included in the alignment program, enables to facilitate the positioning. WHY?Before carrying out the calibrations of ADAS and ACC systems it is necessary to check alignment of the […]

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