The new version 3D laser scanner for automatic reading of distance and diameter is now available for orders

CEMB is glad to inform you that starting from January 2020 a new version of 3D Laser Scan will be available.
The new 3D Laser Scan takes up minimal space and, under equal conditions, it allows a better reading. Furthermore it features an increased brightness resulting in an enhanced visibility, a higher protection and an improved ease of cleaning.

The 3D Laser Scan, based on an advanced technology, is developed in-house, thanks to the highly experienced CEMB technical staff, dedicated to research and design.
The sensors nowadays used in the balancers market are common scanners that are purchased used for the purpose. CEMB 3D Laser Scan has been specifically designed for the needs of the balancing application. Having been developed for this unique purpose advantages are many: brighter laser that better indicates inside the rim the point of application for stick-on weights, grants a faster and more accurate reading of rim dimension, even in case of complex profiles. Last but not least, not having moving parts also the maintenance benefits, together with the overall robustness.