TV-22 TV-32 Velomitor transducer

Seismic Velomitor transducer for online vibration measurement

velomitor transducer TV-22 and TV-32 seismically measure absolute vibration
by a direct installation on the supports of the vibrating part and supplies
an output signal directly proportional to the vibration.
This signal can subsequently be processed by a measuring channel
of a CEMB “T” series device.
TV-22 and TV-32 transducers exploits the piezoelectric effect, generates
an electric signal proportional to the vibration speed


Type of measurement seismic (absolute vibration)
Dynamic range ± 1270 mm/sec.
Frequency response ± 3 dB 1,5 ÷ 12000 Hz
± 10 % 2 ÷ 4500 Hz
Vibration direction any
Sensitivity 3,94 mV/mm/sec.

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