TDSP Overspeed Protection system for rotating equipment with SIL3 requirements

The Overspeed SIL3 protection module is a stand-alone rack which provides a highly reliable and redundant tachometer system specifically
uses as part of an overspeed protection system. It is SIL3 / IEC 61508-X:2010 2nd Edition certified.

The system is based on the TDSP processing module, with two redundant power supplies, three independent channels for rotating speed
measurement and an integrated safety PLC that can operate on a stand-alone basis. The architecture is 2oo3 in accordance with IEC
61508-X:2010 2nd Edition.
Its terminal board makes it possible to connect to different types of “non-contact” sensors that must to be faced to a polar wheel.
The ethernet port on the front of each CPU module is used for configuring the board and makes it possible to connect to a dedicated PC
that can be used for presenting data and for connecting to external diagnostic systems and/or DCS.


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