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N600 Portable balancer

N600 portable Balancer dual channel vibrometer for vibration analysis, static and dynamic balancing, condition monitoring and advanced machinery diagnostic

N600 portable Vibration analyzer and balancer is the ideal tool for dual plane field balancing and machinery vibration monitor; It is perfect for both professional condition monitoring jobs, for occasional use and for advanced FFT analysis of vibrating machines.

Compact and rugged, N600 is designed to make static and dynamic balancing very easy and accurate.

N600 can perform single plane and dual plane balance of any type of rotors, either very low speed or very high speed with its 250.000 RPM laser photocell.
Up to 10KHz bandwith, 3200 lines FFT shown on a high visibility large 7” color graphic display makes N600 a very powerful instrument to execute professional vibration analysis in complex situations.
The mini USB port enables data transfer from N600 to a PC, for those professional who need to make post-processing analysis or to generate balancing reports.

2 plane balancing and vibration analysis made simple

Vibrations Analyzer extremely powerful and versatile, designed for quick Vibrometric checks,  balancing in service conditions, detailed analysis on any rotating machine.

Perfect balance is key for industrial machinery efficiency, long life and cost saving

N600 Vibration analyzer and balancer provides the information needed for the organization of predictive maintenance.
It’s the best solution for technical interventions, test room, R&D and technical service for balancing and for vibration analysis.
The portable instrument N600 through a detailed analysis of the vibrations, allows the control and the solution of any vibration problem in a simple, quick and intuitive way by a powerful software designed to ease the operator work.

main functions of N600 vibration Analyzer

Advanced vibration analysis, FFT and troubleshooting of rotating machines
rotating balancing on 1 or 2 correction planes
Vibration analysis in function of time and speed (Bode diagram)
Run up and coast down  for critical frequencies looking
Analysis of the waveforms in the time domain
Vibration phase measurement
Vibration Frequency Analysis
Overall vibration Measurement (acceleration, velocity, displacement)



FUNCTIONS Measurement of the overall vibration value (acceleration, velocity, displacement) • Vibration phase measurement • Analysis of vibration in the frequency range • Monitoring overall vibration in relation to time or velocity (Bode plot) • Balancing of rotating bodies in operating conditions on 1 or 2 planes • Waveform
MEASUREMENT TYPES Effective value (RMS) • Peak value (Pk) • Peak-to-peak value (PP)
UNITS OF MEASUREMENT Acceleration: [g] • Velocity: [mm/s] or [inch/s] • Displacement: [μm] or [mils] • Frequency: [Hz] or [Cpm]
INPUT 2 independent and simultaneous measuring channels (accelerometer, velocimeter, non-contact, any signal max. 5V-PP) • 1 photocell channel (velocity and angle reference) • 2 USB ports for data transfer
VIBROMETER FUNCTION Measurement of the overall vibration value in predefined frequency bands (10-1000Hz; 3-300Hz; 10-10000Hz) or bands defined by the user (within the range of 3-20000Hz) • Measurement of 1x fundamental vibration value and phase • Measurement of rotating body velocity
FFT FUNCTION (ANALYSIS IN FREQUENCY) FFT analysis (manual/trigger) • Maximum settable frequency (25; 100; 500; 1000Hz; 2.5; 5; 10; 15kHz) • Resolution (100; 200; 400; 800; 1600; 3200 lines) • Number of averages: from 1 to 16 • List of main peak values
MONITOR - DATA LOGGER FUNCTIONS Recording and display of overall vibration trend over time • Storage and display of vibration trend and phase when rotation velocity changes
BALANCING FUNCTION Number of correction planes: from 1 to 2 • Graphic indicator of measurement stability • Balancing procedure, guided step by step, with option for editing and intermediate changes • Vectorial breakdown of the unbalance • Correction by adding or removing material
GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS Display: 7” colour LED-backlit TFT LCD • A/D converter: 24 bit resolution • Dimensions: approx. 225 x 200 x 50 mm • Weight: 1.4 kg
OPERATING CONDITIONS Temperature: from -10° to +50° C • Air humidity: from 0 to 95% without condensate
POWER SUPPLY Rechargeable 6Ah Lithium battery • Charging time: < 5 hours (when battery is fully discharged) • Power supply-battery charger for 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz (24 V, 1.5 A) • Battery life: > 8 hours based on typical use

Carrier case N600

N. 1 rigid case for transport with carry strap

Accelerometer transducer

N. 2 Piezoelectric Sismic acceleration sensor

Magnetic base

N. 2 magnetic bases Ø25 mm


N. 2 probes

Accelerometer connection cable

Nr.1 accelerometer connection cable

n.2 accelerometer cables 2,5m.

Nr.2  accelerometer cables 2,5m.

Battery charger

Nr. 1 battery charger

User manual

Nr. 1  Multi-language CD-rom complete of quick user manual and instruction manual

USB memory stick

Nr. 1 USB stick for data transfer


Nr. 1 angle rule

Reflecting tape

N. 1 roll of reflecting tape

Laser photocell

Nr. 1 250.000 Cpm Hi-Speed laser photocell complete with upright and magnetic base


N-Pro software can transfer all of the data recorded by the instrument and automatically file it by simply pressing a button. It can be displayed, processed, analyzed and employed to generate reports in PDF format or on paper at any time.

The standard report forms supplied with the software are suitable for the most common situations.


ADS  “advanced vibration analysis” software package can be installed on PC and is able to perform an  advanced diagnostics as Bode diagrams, waterfall analysis, orbits analysis. It includes a predictive analytics package with creation of data acquisition paths (route manager).

In order to meet every customer needed, 3 different levels are available: basic, standard, expert. Data storing, detailed analysis with Diagnostic, comparisons of measures, trends, spectrums, orbits.

10mt extension cable for photocells

N.1 10 mt. extension cable for photocell

10mt extension cable for sensors

N.1 10 mt. extension cable for transducers

2 mt Coiled cable

N.1 heavy duty spiral cable 2 mt. for velocity transducer

Cable for accelerometer

N.1 connection cable 5 mt. for acceleration transducer

Fiber Optic photocell

N.1  Fiber Optic photocell 60.000 RPM complete with upright and magnetic base

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