The balancing of rotors with weight up to 10 Kg.

Balancing machine with belt drive for small rotors.

The special design of the driving system enables the machine to be operated both with the belt placed on top of the rotor and with the belt fixed in position under the rotor.

The machine base plate can be simply rested on a working bench or bolted down to a solid base element (as for example the photo).

This tooling allows optimizing the measuring spin mode so saving time in the production cycle depending on the rotor type.

The machine base has fit an articulated stand supporting the photocell (or a magnetic transducer) for the detection of the unbalance angular position and for the automatic synchronizing of the signal filtering.

The photocell is able to detect the presence of a reference mark previously made on the rotor (chalk, felt-pen or adhesive tape).

Maximum weight for symmetric rotor Kg 7,5
Maximum diameter of rotor mm 260
Diameter of rotor journals mm 5 ÷ 35
Maximum sensitivity 0,08
Balancing speed (measuring unit) Rpm 70 ÷ 200.000

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