Automatic tyre changer with locking capacity up to 25"

Automatic tyre changer for professional tyre shops designed to operate on wheels up to 25″.

Rear tilting post

Rear tilting post granting the maximum rigidity to prevent rim damage. Simultaneous vertical and horizontal arm locking system, vertical arm with spring return.

Self-centering turntable

Self-centering turntable to ease bead-breaking of the second tyre bead. Rim locking through opposed- jaws device, with 80 mm diameter cylinders, which guarantees an optimal grip on all types of rims.

Clamping capacity 10″ – 25″.

New swivel fitting for a higher speed during rotation.

Jaws with replaceable tips.


Motor with dual rotation directions (clockwise/anti-clockwise) and double speed by pedal control.

Inflating device

Pedal-operated inflating device, manometer and CE-certified inflation pressure limiter.

Bead breaker

Bead breaker with ergonomic arm to operate on wheels of 15” in width.

Removable pedal unit

Body with removable pedal unit for easy maintenance.
Pedals positioned in line (rotation included).

TI Version (optional)

Version with an effective inflation device for bead seating integrated in clamping jaws.

A Version (optional)

A-Version with pneumatic positioning of tool arm.

MotoInverter Version (optional)

Version with motor controlled by the new MotoInverter system with progressive variation of speed.

Industry 4.0 kit (optional)

Industry 4.0 Kit allows a complete control of the workshop activity thanks to the possibility to plan the daily activity, by inserting the number of wheels, the start time of any activity and the machine that will be used to optimize the resources and eliminate waste of time.
Interconnected system based on an operator panel assembled on the machine and a PC software (Tyre Shop 4.0) developed specifically for CEMB.



Clamping capacity 10" - 25"
Internal clamping 12" - 25"
External clamping 10" - 22"
Max wheel diameter 1170 mm (46")
Max wheel width 360 mm (14")
Bead breaker force 15000 N
Turntable speed 8 - 16 rpm (3ph - 2 speed)
Turntable speed 7 rpm (3ph - 1 speed)
Turntable speed 0 - 16 rpm (1ph - Inverter)
3-Phase motor 0.75 kW - 400 V - 50/60 Hz (2 speed)
3-Phase motor 0.55 kW - 400 V - 50/60 Hz (1 velocità)
1-Phase motor 1.5 kW (Inverter) 230V 50-60 Hz
Operating pressure 8 - 10 bar (116 - 145 psi)
Noise level < 70 ± 3 dB (A)
Net weight 260 kg

Front head protection

Plastic protections for front mounting head (x2)

Rear head protection

Plastic protections for rear mounting head (x2)

Bead lever

Bead lever


Professional lateral presser HPX-ADVANCE ideal to operate on particularly hard and large-sized Run-Flat and UHP Tyres. Robust structure with 2 air cylinders of 80 mm to avoid bendings. Equipped with rim pressing tool, standard bead pressing roller arm, bead pressing roller at 90° with pneumatic locking and possibility of operating under the tyre


Professional compact side presser HPX-STD recommended to operate on particularly hard and large-sized Run-Flat and UHP Tyres. Compact structure, designed with 1 air cylider Ø 80 mm to avoid bendings

Additional bead-pushing devices

Additional bead-pushing devices which assist during the mounting and demounting of the upper bead. They are recommended on tyres and rims with large diameters and sizes.

Wheel lift

Wheel lift

Roller board

Roller board to ease the bead breaking operations

TI External Kit

External inflating kit for tubless tyres including air tank to be fixed on the machine

Bead breaker blade protection

Plastic protection for blade.

Jaws protections kit

4 jaws ALU protections kit

Blade cover

Bead breaker blade protection

Lever protection

Plastic protection for lever

Run Flat Clamp

Run Flat Clamp

Motorcycle jaws

Jaws for motorcycle wheels 14″ ÷ 24”

Scooter jaws

Jaws for scooter wheels 8” ÷ 14”

Michelin tyre inflating gun

Michelin approved professional tyre inflation gun

Industry 4.0 Kit

Industry 4.0 Kit allows an optimal planning of the work activity inside the workshop.
Interconnected system based on an operator panel assembled on the machine and a PC software (Tyre Shop 4.0) developed specifically for CEMB.

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