Semi-automatic truck tyre changer

Universal electro-hydraulic truck tyre changer designed for tubeless or inner tube tyres of trucks, buses, tractors and earth moving machines with a maximum diameter of 2300 mm and a maximum width of 1300 mm for SMT56A and 1150 mm for version SMT56. Conceived for intensive and professional purposes, the self-centering chuck locks grooved and split ring rims from 14” to 42” and its working capacity can be increased up to 56” using the optional extensions.

Self-centring chuck

The hydraulic chuck has working capacity from 14” to 42” and its clamping capacity can be also extended till 56” using the optional extensions. It performs a 2-speed rotation in both directions. The special clamp profile with 5 clamping points allows also several clamping solutions.

Tool-Holder carriage

Automatic translational movement of the tool-holder carriage for both version. Automatic tool arm movement (translational) for SMT56A and manual for version SMT56.

Tool-Holder arm

Manual tool-holder arm lifting and tool rotation with quick unloocking device.

Safety devices

The SMT56A/56 tyre changer are equipped with safety devices designed to guarantee the utmost operator safety and a magnetothermal switch to protect the electric motor.

Control unit

The machine is equipped with a low voltage portable control unit, easily movable inside the working area. The rational lay-out of control levers, buttons and pedals prevents the operator from making accidental and dangerous operational errors.

Industry 4.0 kit (optional)

Industry 4.0 Kit allows a complete control of the workshop activity thanks to the possibility to plan the daily activity, by inserting the number of wheels, the start time of any activity and the machine that will be used to optimize the resources and eliminate waste of time.
Interconnected system based on an operator panel assembled on the machine and a PC software (Tyre Shop 4.0) developed specifically for CEMB.



Clamping capacity 14’’- 42’’ (56” with extensions)
Central hole minimun clamping 122 mm (5”)
Max wheel diameter 2300 mm (91”)
Max wheel width 1300 mm (52”) for SMT56A
Max wheel width 1150 mm (45”) for SMT56
Max wheel weight 2000 kg (4409 lbs)
Bead breaker power in-out 25.000 N
3-phase motor 2,2 - 3 kW (3-4 Hp)
Chuck rotation speed 4,5 - 9 rpm
Power Supply 230-400V/3/50-60Hz
Net Weight SMT56A 905 Kg (1995 lbs)
Net Weight SMT56 855 Kg (1885 lbs)

Lever and clamp

Lever and clamp


Set of 4 jaws protections for alloy rims


Set of 4 extensions 42″ – 56″


Set of 4 EM and OTR wheels adapters

Industry 4.0 Kit

Industry 4.0 Kit allows an optimal planning of the work activity inside the workshop.
Interconnected system based on an operator panel assembled on the machine and a PC software (Tyre Shop 4.0) developed specifically for CEMB.

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