Hand-spin balancer for any truck tyre changer

PAGURO P2 truck wheel balancer, transportable in a single hand.
It is the achievement of decades of experience by CEMB in the wheel balancing field. Compact and sturdy, it can be blocked on the tyre changer chuck through its clamps.
Lifting and braking of the heavy truck wheels are carried out by the tyre changer arm.

The "turning point" in truck wheel balancing

For may years powders and sand beads offered an economic and easy solution for balancing.
The ever more frequent introduction of TPMS sensors inside wheels have extremely limited the use of powders for balancing. PAGURO P2 is the answer: with its compact dimensions it eliminates any risk of damage to TPMS sensors, abrasion on rims which cause oxidation problems and always guarantees a crrect balancing operation.


PAGURO P2 can be mounted on any truck tyre changer chuck, even the smallest, including the self mounted units for mobile purposes. Placed in its standard metal housing it can be ready for use in a few seconds, the control unit contains a magnet which allows it to be placed on any metal surface. It operates on a rechargeable battery or can be connected to the 12V battery of the Van.

Endures harsh ambient conditions

Can be used outdoors thanks to its componentry according to IP41 standards.
Electronic components have tested for use even in low temperatures.

Balancing operation same as in a tyre shop

Unbalance correction effected with the same standards used on a conventional balancer.
All correction programs required are available (steel rim, ALU, SPLIT).

Wheel centering flanges

PAGURO P2 uses same wheel centering flanges available on CEMB truck balancers. All centering flanges are manufactured internally with stringent industrial tolerances, al this guarantee a fast and efficient balancing operation.


Single phase power supply 115 or 230 V 50-60 Hz
Protection class IP 41
Max absorbed power 0.8 Kw
Cycle time per wheel 8÷20 seconds
Balancing speed < 70 r.p.m. < 70 r.p.m.
Measurement uncertainty 10 grams
Average noise < 70 dB(A)
Rim width settable 1.5" ÷ 20" or 40 ÷ 510 mm
Settable diameter 10" ÷ 30" or 265 ÷ 765 mm
Maximum wheel weight < 250 Kg.
Machine weight ~ 20 kg.


Storage stand complete with housings for machine, display and cones


Recommended by Cemb!

Kit trolley per supporto e il trasporto di Paguro P2

SR 215/2 41FF67879

To centre wheels with 8 holes on 275/285,75 mm Ø and with 10 holes on 225/285,75/335 mm Ø. They are supplied with two spiders and a pre-centering ring. Pre-centering on the central hole and on the guided stud bolts allows higher accuracy and centering without damaging alloy rims.

Cone IV-V + GG disc 41FF43821

To centre truck or bus wheels with a central hole of 202 / 221 / 281 mm Ø by means of cones. Made up of two cones and a spacer.

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