On-vehicle "finish balancer"

Only two spins are required on L88 to detect the static unbalance of shafts and eliminate akk harmful vibrations of the mechanical parts. Gearbox, brake disk and wheel hub operate in best possible conditions.

Powerful 3-phase motor

The spinning and braking of car wheels and heavy truck wheels are easily carried out by a powerful 3-phase motor. In case of drive shaft it is also possible to use vehice engine.


These are two different unblance sensors available, the one for cars (capacity 700 kg) ad the one for trucks (capacity 6.000 kg). It is possible to set-up machine with the prefered combination.

Standard power supply 400V (230V) - 50/60 Hz - 3-pH
Balancing accuracy 1 gr
Max. power consumption Kw 4
Peak current power Kw 8,8
Max current 22A (400V) - 38A (230V)
Maximum wheel spin speed 140 Km/h
Maximum weight loadable on each truck transducer 700 Kg
Gross weight with adapters 100Kg
Packing dimensions 1040 x 560 x 1030 (h) mm

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