Digital hand-spin balancer, power supply 12V / 24V / 220V

C206 has been developed for mobile service but its flexibility of use is also appreciated in many garages and tire shops.
It is equipped with trolley wheels which allow movement in the appropriate working areas desired.
Battery power supply (optional).
The gear box eases operator’s efforts when spinning large and heavy wheels.

Detection of wheel data

The automatic gauge enables auto-input of wheel distance and diameter and displays relative balancing program required (clip-on or stick-on weights). No errors due to manual inputs.
The machine allows operator to work according to his preferences. The correct positioning of counter-weights can be displayed in two different modes: with the accuracy of position repeater or the conventional 12 o’clock position.


C206 features all the latest prorams for unbalance corrections:
– ALU S: unlimited “stick-on weight” positions
– SPLIT: hidden weight mode (behind the spokes)
– Minimization of residual static unbalance.


Single phase power supply 110 o 220 V AC 50/60 Hz
Balancing speed < 100 rpm for vehicle/ 70 rpm for truck
Max. wheel weight 250 Kg
Max. wheel diameter 1300 mm
Diameter setting range 10” ÷ 30” or 265 ÷ 765 mm
Rim width setting range 1,5” ÷ 20” or 40 ÷ 510 mm
Measurement uncertainty ± 0,5 g
Resolution 1 g for vehicle / 10 g for truck
Cycle time for wheel 8 ÷ 20 s
Gross weight with adapters 169 Kg
Gross weight with adapters 190 Kg
Packing dimensions 113 x 113 x 112 h

Dotazione veicoli pesanti

For wheels with a central hole of 45-180 mm Ø. Made up of 4 cones, a spacer ring and a lock nut with handwheel.

Cone IV-V + GG disc 41FF43821

To centre truck or bus wheels with a central hole of 202 / 221 / 281 mm Ø by means of cones. Made up of two cones and a spacer.

SR 215/2 41FF67879

To centre wheels with 8 holes on 275/285,75 mm Ø and with 10 holes on 225/285,75/335 mm Ø. They are supplied with two spiders and a pre-centering ring. Pre-centering on the central hole and on the guided stud bolts allows higher accuracy and centering without damaging alloy rims.

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