Laser tread depth measurement system

ARGOS Tread is the new and advanced profiler designed by CEMB, for detailed and fast measurement of the tread depth. The height of only 60 mm places it among the most compact ones currently available on the market

Integrated system

Integrated in the Drivethru acceptance system, it allows a quick and accurate inspection of the tread condition which, together with the measurement of the car alignment, offers the most complete and quick acceptance diagnosis on the market. Adaptable to previously installed Argos Drivethru.

Accurate and quick measurements

The vehicle gets onto the platforms following the indications for correct positioning of the wheels with respect to the scanning device. The doors open automatically. Two 3D LaserScans, contained in them, carry out the measurement at two different heights, discarding any possible false values (due, for example, to the presence of a stone in the tread). Once Argos Drivethru has checked the tread depth and alignment values, the doors are lowered again ensuring protection against dust and dirt. No reading problems with dirty tyres. No need for maintenance between scans.

Easy installation

The extremely low height (only 60 mm), the lowest available on the market, simplifies its installation on any type of floor, both on-ground and in-ground, where minimum excavation is required.

Results report

In a few seconds, clear and easy to interpret Audit reports are made available on the tread condition of each individual wheel, integrated with the alignment data provided by Argos Drivethru.

Total length 2680 mm
Distance between platforms 510 mm
Drive-over section height 60 mm
Drive-over section maximum capacity 2 t
Drive-over section min/max 1020 - 1920 mm
Reading time 10 s
Accuracy 0.3 mm
Accuracy limit 0.1 mm

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