ER100 EVO – ER90 EVO: revolution for top range products

18 October 2017

Following the preview at Autopromotec Show, the renewed versions of the top balancers ER100 and ER90 officially enter into CEMB range of products.

Not only a simple aesthetic modification. With the new ER100 EVO and ER90 EVO CEMB launches into the marketplace a revolutionary laser scanner for automatic reading of distance and diameter. The new laser, manufactured in-house, grants higher precision and sturdiness, as well as a clearer indication of the exact point of application of adhesive weights compared to the traditional lasers used nowadays in the balancers market.

ER100 EVO and ER90 EVO will also be complete with the innovative software AutoAdaptive Mode and the program One Plane Balancing, both studied to maximize the productivity.

AutoAdaptive Mode detects weight and dimensions of each wheel and calculates the tolerance value that will cancel any vibration perceived on the steering wheel, granting the highest comfort when driving.

One Plane Balancing (OPB) Program proposes a single ideal correction plane, where it is possible to balance the wheel minimizing both static and dynamic imbalance, using only one counterweight and thus enabling a great savings in time.

Find out all the features of new models ER100evo and ER90evo.