CEMB presents ARGOS

6 April 2015

Argos is the result of years of studies, field tests and highly advanced technology entirely developed within our company.
CEMB has sent many objectives to its product development, focusing on the needs of the end user, granting unbeatable solutions in terms of simplicity and speed of use, valid for all vehicles and tyres.
In only 5 seconds and touchless Argos can perform Argos revolutionizes completely the world of alignments: no more clamping devices and targets are required, no manual adjustments for different wheel basis nor leveled lift are necessary.

Extremely advanced and intuitive software can operate remotely and grants simplicity by automatically starting measuring process, by identifying instantly the process executed, by preselecting vehicle specs and guiding to a correct vehicle positioning a reliable and accurate wheel geometry measurement.
Almost one hundred years have passed from the first wheel alignment was invented. Since then continuous innovations aimed to improve speed have led to the birth of Argos with a measurement time record of only 5 seconds.
Speed, simplicity and efficiency are the key to success, as time is money else granting faster solutions is now fundamental.

The innovative wheel alignment by CEMB eliminates efforts and time for vehicle alignment inspection granting possibility to check all vehicles that enter the shop increasing business volumes and customers satisfaction.


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