N300 Portable balancer

Portable balancer dual channel for machinery balancing and vibration analysis

N300 portable balancer  is the entry level professional tool for dual plane field balancing and vibration analysis; It is perfect for both professional heavy duty jobs, and for occasional use, being extremely simple to use.
N300 allow extremely accurate single plane and dual plane balancing of any type of rotors. It is ideal for service and maintenance personnel and for quality and testing jobs in manufacturing industry like pumps,  motors, fans, compressors, and any rotational machinery manufacturer.
The mini USB port enables data transfer from N300 to a PC, for those professional who need to generate balancing reports.

Ergonomic design

Portable balancer and vibration analyzer, light and ergonomic designed for extremely quick Vibrometric checks on any rotating machine in narrow spaces.

Speed and efficiency

The N300 instrument , in case unbalance of the rotating parts, allows balancing without need to disassemble the rotating part.

Its weight and small size allows to use it in heavy duty environment and this makes it the ideal tool for technicians and for the after-sales service.

Being extremely easy to use, N300 allows to achieve quickly excellent results in balancing and vibration analysis.

Speed and easy functions

N300 portable vibration analyzer is a quick and easy solution to keep under control the vibration on all applications having a rotation part.

It’s possible to measure the level of overall vibration ( ISO10816- 3 ), to perform synchronous measurements ( 1xRPM ) and also to balance rotating parts in service conditions on 1 or 2 correction planes, using either one or two sensors .

Thanks to the bright graphics display and the intuitive “step-by- step software” the use of the instrument is very simple and intuitive also for non-expert users.

The quick-fit connectors allow the simultaneous connection of two independent measuring channels and a photocell. The mini USB port enables data transfer to a PC.

Dedicated to professionals

N300 CEMB gives an answer to all engineering companies and also to all maintainers who , today more than ever , need to rely on a compact and ergonomic balancer . Ease of use and rapid intervention are N300 strengths .

The N-PRO software (optional) stores and analyze on a PC the data measured by the tool.



Functions: Measurement of the overall vibration value (acceleration, velocity, displacement) • Measurement of synchronous vibration value and phase • Analysis of vibration in the frequency range • Field balancing of rotating bodies on 1 or 2 planes
Measurement types: RMS value (RMS)
Units of measurement: Acceleration: [g] • Velocity: [mm/s] or [inch/s] • Displacement: [µm] or [mils] • Frequency: [Hz] or [Rpm]
Inputs: 2 independent and simultaneous measuring channels (acceleration transducer, velocity transducer) • 1 photocell channel (velocity and angle reference) • 1 mini USB port for data transmission • battery charger input
Vibrometer functions: Measurement of the overall vibration value in predefined frequency bands (1-100Hz 2-200Hz 5-500Hz 10-1000Hz) • Measurement of the value and phase of the vibration of the main frequency and the first five harmonics. • List of the five highest peaks.
FFT Function (Analysis in frequency): FFT analysis with N-Pro software • Maximum allowed frequency (1-100Hz 2-200Hz 5-500Hz 10-1000Hz) • Resolution (400 lines) • Number of averages: from 1 to 16
Balancing function: Number of correction planes: 1 or 2 • Step-by-step guided balancing procedure. • Balancing can also be carried out using one or two sensors. General characteristics • Display: 128x64 LED • Approx. dimensions: 180 x 84 x 45 mm • Weight: approx. 300 gr
Operating conditions: Temperature: from -10° to +50° C • Air humidity: from 0 to 95% without condensate
Power supply: Rechargeable 1.8Ah Lithium battery • Charging time: < 5 hours (when battery is fully discharged) • Battery charger for 100-240 Vac, 50/60 Hz (8.4V DC, 0.71 A, 60W max) • Battery life: > 10 hours based on typical use

Carrier case

N. 1 rigid case for transport

Nr.1 Accelerometer Transducer

N. 1 Piezoelectric Sismic acceleration sensor

Magnetic Base 1pcs

Nr.1 Magnetic Base Ø25mm.


Nr.1 Probe

Accelerometer connection cable

Nr.1 accelerometer connection cable


Photocells 18.000 RPM

USB cable

Nr. 1 USB cable for data transfer to PC

Battery charger

Nr. 1 battery charger

User manual

Nr. 1  Multi-language CD-rom complete of quick user manual and instruction manual

Reflecting tape

N. 1 roll of reflecting tape


Nr. 1 angle rule


N-Pro software can transfer all of the data recorded by the instrument and automatically file it by simply pressing a button. It can be displayed, processed, analyzed and employed to generate reports in PDF format or on paper at any time.

The standard report forms supplied with the software are suitable for the most common situations.

10mt extension cable for photocells

N.1 10 mt. extension cable for photocell

10mt extension cable for sensors

N.1 10 mt. extension cable for transducers

5mt cable for velocity transducer

N.1 connection cable 5 mt. for velocity transducer

2 mt Coiled cable

N.1 heavy duty spiral cable 2 mt. for velocity transducer

Fiber Optic photocell

N.1  Fiber Optic photocell 60.000 RPM complete with upright and magnetic base

Accelerometer Cable 2,5m

Accelerometer Cable 2,5m

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