Conceived for intensive and professional purposes, grants a full automation level

Self-centering chuck to lock grooved and split ring rims from 14” to 46”, working capacity increasable to 56” using the optional SE-2 extensions, 2-speed rotation in both directions of the self-centering chuck, 2-speed automatic translational movement of chuck-holder arm, 2-speed automatic traversing of tool-holder carriage simultaneous to chuck translational movement, hydraulic lifting of tool-holder arm and automatic rotation of the tools.


The hydraulic chuck has working capacity from 14” to 46” and its clamping capacity can be also extended till 56” using the optional SE-2 extensions. It performs a 2-speed rotation in both directions and a 2-speed automatic traversing simultaneous to tool-holder carriage translation. The special clamp profile allows also several clamping solutions.


2-speed automatic traversing of the tool-holder carriage controlled by the on-purpose control unit. This movement is simultaneous to the 2-speed chuck-holder arm translational movement to sensibly reduce operator working time.


Tool-holder arm lifting and tool rotation are automatically achieved through the onpurpose control unit. The special semi-spherical shape of the bead breaker disc allows to obtain a better penetration between rim and tyre bead in order to avoid damaging the wheel.


SM68T-HD tyre changer has a number of safety devices designed to guarantee the utmost operator safety: check valves on self-centering chuck, hydraulic system relief valve and hydraulic unit motor with overload cut-out system.


The machine is standard equipped with a low-voltage portable control unit. The rational lay-out of control levers and pedals prevents the operator from making operational errors. A radio remote control with 16 programmable operating frequencies is also available on demand.


Clamping capacity 14”- 46” (56” con SE-2)
Central hole clamping 100-1010 mm (4”-40”)
Max wheel diameter 2600 mm (102”)
Max wheel width 1500 mm (59”)
Max wheel weight 1700 Kg (3750 lbs)
Cylinder lifting capacity 2500 Kg (5510 lbs)
Noise level < 70 ± 3 dB (A)
Hydraulic unit motor 3.3 – 4.4 kW (4.4-5.9 Hp)
Chuck 3-phase motor 1.9 – 2.5 kW (2.5-3.35 Hp)
Power Supply 230-400V/3ph/50-60Hz
Net Weight 1260 Kg (2780 lbs)


Bead lifting guide lever for agricultural tyres


Michelin inflating gun


Radio Controller. Includes rechargeable batteries, batteries charger, trasmitter and receiver


Set of 4 extensions 46”-56”


Two screw clamps for both bead breaking of rim and rim ring


Tubeless roller


Pliers for alloy rims

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