Automatic tyre changer with capacity 10"-24"

Designed to operate on car and light commercial vehicle wheels and on motorcycle wheels with the appropriate accessories.

Vertical rear tilting post

Automatic tyre changer with rear tilting post and simultaneous vertical rod and horizontal arm pneumatic locking system, vertical arm with spring return.
Vertical post equipped with conic buses and play recovery systems which allow eliminating post flexure.”

Self-centring turntable 10 - 24”

Self-centering plate with 10-24” locking capacity, double rotation and two speeds.


Body with extractable pedal unit to facilitate technical service, robust reduction unit, standard CE-certified inflation pressure limiter with provision for gun connection.

Bead breaking arm

Bead breaker with double-acting cylinder, robust arm and articulated blade.


Clamping capacity 10 - 24”
External clamping 10 - 22”
Internal clamping 12 - 24”
Max wheel diameter 1000 mm (39.5”)
Max wheel width 315 mm (12”)
Bead breaker force 3080 Kgf (6790 lbf)
Turntable speed 6-12 rpm (8 rpm 1sp)
3-Phase motor 0.8 kW (1.07 Hp)
1-Phase motor 1.1 kW (1.47 Hp)
Operating pressure 8 - 10 bar (116 - 145 psi)
Noise level < 70 ± 3 dB (A)
Net weight 220 Kg (485 lbs)
Gross weight 230 Kg (507 lbs)
Packing dimensions 760 x 975 x 950 mm

  • The machine is supplied standard with a complete set of plastic guards to operate correctly on alloy rims (mounting head, bead breaker blade, bead lifter lever and self-centring plate jaw).


HP2 side presser, that allows easily and correctly operating on Run-Flat and UHP tyres.


Professional bead pressing clamp. It keeps the tyre bead pressed in the rim while mounting tyres


Plastic bread pressing clamp


Quick interchangeable mounting head system. Composed by adaptors and 2 mounting heads.


Tools tray


Set of 4 jaws for bike wheels with 6″-23″ rim, suitable for turntable 17,5″-20″ external locking


Bead breaker blade for motorcycle wheels

TI External Kit

External inflating kit for tubless tyres including air tank to be fixed on the machine

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